The more you listen to tips about your floor care, the more you tend to hear the word microfiber. It is generally recommended to use microfiber mops on your floors. We use them here at CFCS on most of our jobs. Our friends at Sayyah’s Cleaning use them as well. I was thinking about that over the weekend and I thought if I didn’t work here and I kept hearing that I would ask why. Why use microfiber mops?

  • Health Benefits- When you use a string mop, don’t you use the same mop head throughout the whole house or the whole facility? If you’re like most people you do and you likely only change your water once if at all. Which means what you mopped in the bathroom gets to play around in the hallway and so on. With a microfiber pad, you simply change the pad after every room and move on. you have your mop heads either soaking in clean solution or you use a solution spray on the floor. Nothing gets tracked and each room gets cleaned more efficiently.
  • Safety Benefits- This may sound silly at first but if you think about it, the dramatic difference in weight between a microfiber mop and a string mop is a great safety benefit. You are far less likely to incur back injuries using the microfiber because of its lightweight properties. Also, using a microfiber mop means you won’t have to drag around a big heavy bucket of mop water. You can carry a simple spray bottle and get the job done. This also means that the floors will not be nearly as wet after cleaning which will greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries.
  • Money Benefits- Like most things, there is an initial investment in switching to microfiber that may seem a little unreasonable. What you have to keep in mind is the savings benefits will soon catch up and overtake the initial investment. You will use a lot less cleaning solution for starters because you simply don’t need as much with microfibers. You will also use a lot less water in your cleaning. Also, you can wash microfibers in the washing machine and they last a very long time if you take care of them, much longer than string mops so you will replace them far less often.