Dr. Schutz Products

schutzpro-logoWearlayer Systems

  • Long term protection from wear and tear
  • Economic as well as eco friendly
  • Proven to extend the lifetime of floor use
  • Substantially improved appearance
  • Easier and more cost effective day-to-day maintenance
  • Highly resistant to chemicals

Dr. Schutz Products for…
Every Project


  • Heavily used floors – Long lasting looks with Waxnomor
  • Especially suitable for: PVC and LVT floors, linoleum, self-leveling cementitious and resin floors*
  • Perfect for regular maintenance

Waxnomor Plus

  • Protects surface from extreme wear and tear
  • Particularly easy to clean and care for


  • Guarantees extra high safety underfoot in accordance with ASTM D2 047-99, ANSI B101.1, R 10 and BS-797602 thanks to Slipnomor
  • Ensures a non-slip surface and fulfills the stricter health and safety requirements

About Dr. Schutz Product History

SchutzPro Centers are the spokes of the Dr. Schutz system; each center regionally controls application and distribution of Dr. Schutz specialty wear layer systems.

The SchutzPro brand was established by Dr. Schutz in 2012 in response to the ever growing demand by their clients for a unified manufacturer controlled systematic approach to distribution and application, that the Dr. Schutz system would be the same whether the job was in Dallas or Denver, Philadelphia or Seattle.  Large national accounts were looking for not only a system that solved their maintenance issues and long term maintenance cost but also provided a manufacturer controlled network that reduced the chain of responsibility allowing for a direct path from manufacturer to the end user.

Taking those ideas, SchutzPro Centers were opened regionally nationwide. Moving customer service, sales, controlled application and much more to a local level.
Every SchutzPro Center is a direct arm of Dr. Schutz’s USA operation, all following one set of rules, and standards. SchutzPro brings unparalleled service to every client regardless of location, size, or need. Every job is performed to the highest meticulous standard and every facility treated like it’s our own.