Laminate Floors


Laminate Floor Care can be simple with a Laminate Floor Coating from Complete Floor Care Solutions (CFCS). Laminate Floors can give you the realistic look of a variety of surfaces, and you want to make sure your floor is protected to maintain the beauty and look of a brand new floor. In addition, protecting your floors with a Laminate Floor Coating product, make it easier to maintain and keep clean.

It’s amazing to see how many new laminate flooring styles and colors are available today. As laminate technology has improved so have the designs, realism and plank shapes of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is not just offered in wood plank designs, many manufacturers offer a wide range of colors in realistic stone, slate and tile designs with grout lines. Laminate floors are often confused with laminate wood floors. Laminate wood floors are really engineered wood floors and are constructed totally from wood plies laminated together. Whereas, laminate floors consist of some type of fiber core body with a print layer and a top coating of melamine.

There many advantages to laminate floors. Laminate floors can give you realistic looking ceramic or stone tile appearances without the hassle of having to clean soiled grout joints and is far less costly to install. Also, if you are concerned with upkeep of a wood floor than a laminate floor may be your answer. If you are concerned with tearing up your old floor than a floating laminate floor may be a great alternative for you. (Floating refers to the floating installation method, where the individual planks are locked together but never attached to the subfloor underneath. Laminate floors have a special tongue and groove locking system that tightly joins the planks & tiles together. No glue, nails or staples needed.)

Laminate floors come in either planks or square tiles. These floors are designed to replicate real flooring materials such as: wood, stone or ceramic tiles. Laminate floors are actually several different layers of various materials that are pressed together to form each plank. The inner core is generally made from high-density fiberboard and also forms the tongues and grooves for locking planks together. The core is also the base that all the upper layers and the backing material are fused to. Some manufacturers treat the inner core with melamine resins or water-resistant sealers to help protect the inner core from moisture.