SaniGlaze FAQ

How does SaniGLAZE work?

The SaniGLAZE restorative bonding process first removes embedded contaminants form the tile and grout and then shields the grout from contamination by coating it with a long lasting, non-porous coating.

Why do I keep having issues with my tile and grout?

Ceramic tile and grout are porous in nature. This allows for germs, bacteria, and disease to live and grow in your floor. Using the SaniGLAZE process stops this from happening and gives you a non-porous surface that is easily maintained.

Is there a guarantee?

As long as you adhere to the prescribed EverGLAZE® maintenance program, your extended warranty will remain in effect. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Is white my only color option?

Absolutely not! SaniGLAZE is offered in a number of designer colors and can even be custom colored.

How long will this take?

Most jobs are able to be completed overnight and ready to be walked on the next morning.

Will my business be disrupted?

There will generally not be any disruption to your business. A typical SaniGLAZE project is completed overnight or when you are closed so there is no mess and no headaches.

What will this cost?

Unfortunately, that is impossible to quote until a free demonstration has been performed at your facility. Factors such as size, scope, and difficulty will all have an effect on the cost. Complete Floor Care Solutions will perform the SaniGLAZE® process on a small test area of your floor and complete a client survey to determine what the cost will be.

How can I see what this will look like before I purchase?

Complete Floor Care Solutions will be happy to perform a free demonstration so you can see SaniGLAZE® in action for yourself.

Can’t I just have my maintenance crew do this?

This process is exclusively performed by SaniGLAZE-Certified technicians who must undergo a rigorous training program. Contact Complete Floor Care Solutions™, Tampa Bay’s local authorized service provider for more information.