Green Clean

Go Green with SaniGlaze®!

greencleanIn our day and time, reducing energy consumption and preserving our environment is becoming more and more urgent. As efforts to do just this mount, architects and engineers are working diligently to produce “sustainable” development. A facility that is sustainable gives us what we need today without depleting what we will need tomorrow. Manufacturers in every facet of the construction industry are battling to achieve sustainability. From the time it was first developed, over 10 years ago, SaniGLAZE® has always achieved sustainable tile flooring as it eliminates the need to replace your ceramic tile floors, keeping our landfills free of unusable, non-biodegradable materials and giving you a like-new floor that you can appreciate for many years to come.


The commonly accepted definition of sustainability is the ability to be maintained. This word takes on a whole new meaning in the construction industry. In this setting, sustainability is interchangeable with green and environmentally friendly. Architects and engineers define sustainability as having no negative net impact on the environment while still maintaining excellent durability.

The SaniGLAZE® program successfully incorporates all of these objectives:

Controlling Mold and Mildew

An independent research study was conducted to compare how both conventional tile and cementitious grout and tile and grout treated with SaniGLAZE® held up to mold and mildew. After having mold cultured on both surfaces and then cleaned with a neutral cleaning compund, the surfaces were then coated with a 2% glucose solution. It didn’t take long for mold to grow again on the unbonded side, but on the side bonded with SaniGLAZE® nothing grew. It is generally accepted that the tough barrier provided by the SaniGLAZE® process cannot be penetrated by microorganisms although they may exist on the surface.

Material Reuse

More than just being a fundamental sustainability concept, reusing materials instead of disposing of them simply makes sense for your business and for the environment. The SaniGLAZE® system will eliminate the cost and time involved with removing and replacing your ceramic tile surfaces by achieving the same results at a fraction of the expense. Why replace when you can restore?

Interior Air Quality

Among the many positive results of the sustainability initiative, is the renewed interest in interior air quality (IAQ). It is no longer necessary to be greeted by lingering odors when first entering the office. An office that is sustainable can be maintained using products that contain little to no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The floor restored with SaniGLAZE® gets even a public restroom floor clean and odorless and is easily maintained using safe, green, products that contain little to no VOC’s.

SaniGlaze® can help you qualify for credits in sustainability initiatives such as LEED and Green Globes!

SaniGLAZE at Morton Plant Hospital Clearwater

SaniGLAZE at Morton Plant Hospital Clearwater

One of the keys to making a structure green is utilizing its existing components without demolishing and rebuilding, which fills up our landfills with non-biodegradable, non-usable construction waste. The SaniGLAZE® process restores your ceramic tile and grout to like-new condition, eliminating the need for replacement altogether.

Having your floor restored using restorative bonding technology eliminates mold, dirt, grease, and stains while producing a beautiful new surface that is simple and cost effective to maintain. A SaniGLAZE® restored floor can be maintained using simple, green cleaning products keeping your floor beautiful without damaging your interior air quality (IAQ).

The restorative bonding technology of SaniGLAZE® continues to play a major role in sustainability initiatives, such as LEED, due to it allowing the achievement of sustainability objectives with an established, advantageous process at a sensible cost.

The US Green Building Council does not endorse specific products or companies. However, the SaniGLAZE® process provided by Complete Floor Care Solutions™ plays a substantial part in helping to obtain the points needed for certification. It is important to note that specific products and services do not earn individual credits, but instead help contribute to the project’s overall credits.

Green Globes

SaniGLAZE at Tampa Bay Convention Center

SaniGLAZE at Tampa Bay Convention Center

While it may be the best known, LEED is not the only sustainability initiative being used today. There are over a dozen programs in effect right now, with that number growing constantly.

One noteworthy program is Green Globes. This initiative includes an assessment protocol, rating system, and guide for incorporating environmentally friendly strategy into commercial buildings. After completion, Green Globes also supports acknowledgement of the project through third-party verification.

In conjunction with BOMA, Green Globes was first developed in Canada before being introduced to the United States in 2004. It is backed by various commercial interests such as financial services, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and others. The Green Globes program takes a life-cycle approach to its view of projects from material gathering all the way to installation.