• More Durable Than an Epoxy
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Keep Clean in the Toughest of Environments
  • Renewable Without Removal (But Can Be Removed)
  • Ultra-Clear, Non-Yellowing
  • Perfect for Dorms, Showers and Locker Rooms, Patient Rooms

The Last Tile Surface Your Facility
Will Ever Need!


SaniMAX™ Sustainable Flooring Surface
with Xolite™

SaniMAX™ is a new evolution in hard floor surface protection that is based on a unique, newly developed, polymer technology called Xolite™. It is designed to provide superior protection and extraordinary ease of cleaning for tile and grout. It is stain, scuff, scratch, scorch (up to 1000 Deg. F) and UV resistant. This system is “self-priming”, thereby eliminating the material and labor costs of applying a primer. Additionally, SaniMAX™ covers with a single coat, further reducing labor and material costs. Cure time is four hours.

SaniMAX’s superior product characteristics and performance derive from the fact that it is formulated using extremely high molecular weight polymer resins. These resins form a highly cross-linked polymer structure, creating a completely impenetrable surface resistant to staining, scuffing and related surface damage. This unique polymer belongs to the low surface energy family of polymers that are known to be extremely resistant to chemicals and commonly used solvents; such as motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, hand sanitizers, etc. Its non-stick (Teflon™-like) property makes it almost impossible for bacteria to attach and propagate. It is water and soil resistant and hence easy to clean. The addition of SaniGLAZE™ Textite™ micro spheres makes the surface safe for foot traffic, even under wet conditions.

SaniMAX™ doubles as an anti-graffiti wall coating when Textite™ is not added to the mix. The Xolite™ chemistry enables the system to have all known highly desirable characteristics of an epoxy based system –durability and chemical resistance – but does not have any of the epoxy system aging drawbacks; such as brittleness and UV instability (fading). Also, unlike epoxy coatings, SaniMAX™ can be chemically removed. SaniMAX™ is extremely durable with tremendous chemical resistance; non-brittle, completely UV stable, with maximum protection against scuffing, staining, scratching and scorching.

In short, SaniMAX™ offers the ultimate in a floor care system that can be applied at an affordable cost, while significantly reducing maintenance difficulties and costs.

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