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SaniMAX-C™ Combines Color with Versatility and Durability

Give Your Tile and Other Surfaces A New Look!

Ultra-durable SaniMAX-C™ color protective coating can change the look of your surroundings without having to remove and replace tile, epoxy, and can even coat concrete.

  • More stable than an epoxy
  • More durable than a urethane
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Easy to keep clean in the toughest environments
  • Renewable without removal, but can be removed
  • Perfect for dorms, showers and locker rooms

Change the entire look of your restroom without replacing a single tile!

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What Kinds of Areas Could Use SaniMAX-C™?

Floors SaniMAX-C™ with Textite™ gives floors a new look in a variety of designer colors with a safe surface texture.  SaniMAX™ can also make cracks and chips in older tile and other surfaces disappear!

Walls SaniMAX-C™ gives dull wall tile a new dazzling high gloss finish.  An added bonus is that SaniMAX-C™ is graffiti resistant and most graffiti can easily be removed with simple cleaning.

Old Epoxy SaniMAX-C™ can beautifully restore old, faded epoxy (and other types) flooring and give it a new look without the drawbacks of ultra violet (UV) that have caused chalking, discoloration, and lack of surface integrity to your existing surfaces.

ConcreteUse SaniMAX-C™ to beautify and restore concrete flooring while changing the color or your existing environment.

Kitchens and High Use Abuse Areas SaniMAX Plus™ or SaniMAX-C™ combined with the extra protection of SaniMAX™ gives food service and other heavy abuse areas extra protection from harsh chemicals and heavy traffic.

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Note:  Final color selection should be made from actual color samples provided by your SaniGLAZE service provider.

Call 813-961-1088 to Select Your Color and Schedule a Demonstration.